The question got me off balance, that I have to clear my throat before answering her.

Me: (scared but smiling) I’m very sure that every guys on earth would love to kiss you.
Ronke: (smiling) every guys… what about you?
Me: sure… why won’t I love to?
Ronke: then what’s holding you?

I don’t have it easy with girls within my age bracket: but here I am with another woman that’s old enough to be my mother. I don’t need any more invitation than the one I already got. I moved closer to her: placed my left hand on her right cheek. I planted a very light kiss on her lips. I moved away. We stared at each other eyeballs without uttering a word for 30secs. She moved closer to me and she planted a more romantic kiss on my lips. I reciprocated the kiss as I inserted my tongue into her mouth. She seems very good at kissing. She trapped my tongue with her teeth while she uses her tongue to massage mine. I was really enjoying myself until when we heard a knock at the door. We quickly separated.

Me: who is it?
A guy: room service… I brought your order sir

why on earth did he choose to come now? I ordered him in and he served us with the beers and chickens we ordered for. I had not eaten anything today except the Sunday rice I took after church. I devoured the chicken like It was said to be my last super. I’m still feeling the alcohol in my blood stream: so I dint bother taking any more.
I have not been conscious of the time since… I checked the time, it’s now 9pm. How on earth did the time fly like that? I told her about my fears (going home now) but she insisted that I kiss and romance her before she could allow me go. I looked at her face and she seems serious and more s*x*y in the way she stares back at me. I moved closer to her that my lips was near hers. We could feel ourselves breathing. I placed my right hand on her bre*st and I fondled it from inside her clothes.
She moaned as I now used my cheek to rub hers. I could feel a sudden rise in my trousers. I lifted up her blouse. I exposed her brea*t. I now used some of my fingers to pinch her right nip*ples while I clamped my mouth on the other one. Her hands touched my OGA and it double charged. We were in cloud seven when Ronke phone rang. I was curious to know who was it: but she just ignored the call with the phone still in her bag. I continued with what I was doing but not with much enthusiasm like before. The tempo kept coming down as the caller kept calling.
Even though she refused to bring out the phone from her bag to be sure who was it: It’s obvious that the caller is Tunde. I was terrified when my phone rang. I expected the worse without even knowing who the caller was…. if it’s my dad; I’m in trouble and if it’s Tunde.. I’m in trouble as well. I had my heart in my mouth as I removed the phone from my pocket. It’s Tunde.
I hurriedly moved away from Ronke and told her that’s Tunde. She was not even bothered: she moved closer to me and tried kissing me: which I smartly rejected. I put a finger on my lips signalling her to keep quiet as I picked the call and immediately puts it on loudspeaker.

Me: (forming drunkard) he.. hello Tunde… are you back from your trip?
Tunde: (voice serious) what trip did I tell you that I’m going for? Where are you guys?
Me: (still pretending) what guys are you talking about?
Tunde: you and Ronke of course…. a guy informed me that he saw you and Ronke drove out of the hotel shortly I left you guys. I’m back at the hotel and you guys haven’t returned since then.
Me: (confused) we.. we went for a stroll and decided to get an ice cream at KFC. We are on our way back now.
Tunde: it had better be true; because if I found out that you are flirting and doing rubbish things with my woman. Hmnnnnn, just consider yourself dead.

I was about to say something but he hung up the call as soon as he passed his message.

To Be Continued…

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