We were drinking and enjoying ourselves. My phone rang. It was from kikelomo. I refused to pick; not now that I have a mission at hand. It’s not upto the 10mins that Tunde’s excused himself from our midst. I knew that he had already gone for his appointment.
I’m now with Ronke and two other guys. I picked up my phone and I text her. “You look very beautiful this evening: how I wished that I could look straight into your eyes and tell you that: but Tunde & his friends are here”. The message delivery coincided with her message tone. She read it and looked up at me with a thank you smile. She relocated her from her seat to my side; whispering words into my ear drum.

Ronke: (smiling) are you of what you text?
Me: sure… why won’t I mean it? take look around and tell me what do you see?
Ronke: (looking around widely) just guys having fun….
Me: (smiling) so why won’t I appreciate you more than the guys? You are what I say you are…
Ronke: (blushing) stop teasing me Femi….
Me: okay, if you say so… do you care for a dance?
Ronke: (smiling) me and you dance?
Me: yes… are you scared that I might beat you hands down?
Ronke: (laughing hard) beat me ke? I’m the best in everything I like. I bet that you don’t stand a chance with me
Me: (smiling) is that a challenge?

We both moved from our seat to an open space: not designed for dancing. Tunde’s friends hailed us as we moved along. I’m not a bad dancer; but I’m experienced when a lady says “I’m very good at dancing”. I have already defeated myself before the dance even started. She twisted her waist as if it’s boneless. The alcohol I took has already started having its effects on me. I started dancing widely with her, not minding the presence of other people around the relaxation spot. I moved closer to her and I placed my hands behind her bumbum. Whenever she twisted her bumbum it hits my hand to the admiration of our viewers; who have started hailing us both. We danced for 20minutes and later joined on the dance floor with people around. It now turns out to be rowdy. We went back to our seat, with people still enjoying the music on our proposed dance floor. I went over to the barman and I paid for all the drinks that we took. Ronke suggested that we go to somewhere quiet.
It’s now getting dark. She led the way as we walked to the car park. She opened the door to what I guess to be her car. I entered without questioning her. She drove out of the hotel main gate carelessly; that makes my alcohol intake comes down a little bit.

Me: (smiling) where are we going Ronke?
Ronke: to a Cool spot hotel around the corner.. it’s about 3/4 streets from here
Me: okay… what of if Tunde comes back and found out that you went out with me…
Ronke: (smiling) are you scared?
Me: not really but I don’t want any quarrel with him. He might misinterpret your friendly gesture.

She laughed hysterically and said that I should stop being childish about the whole issue. She said that she knew that Tunde had already gone out with one of his girlfriends and he’s not coming back till midnight or tomorrow morning. We got to the Cool spot hotel. It’s on Fatimo’s street. We got out the car and she immediately booked a room that we entered together.
The hotel is not as superb as Rooftop hotel but it’s definitely on the same rating with it. She made use of their intercom and ordered for more drinks with 2 roasted chicken. While we waited for the order, we gisted about what happened at the hotel. We laughed and we took time staring into each others eyes. I’m tempted to kiss her inviting lips but the thought of Tunde kept flooding my mind. I was still contemplating whether to kiss her or not when she asked an obvious but very strange question.

Ronke: don’t you want to kiss me?

To Be Continued…


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