Wow : See What Happened At Nnamdi Azikiwe Final Year Meet Together

Hello Laila, this happened Friday 6th August 2016 at Barnhills Hotel Awka. Newly graduated students of the Faculty of Law dressed in their sweatshirts and Jean trousers and sneakers stormed Barnhill hotel in style.


There was so much fun games, drinking competition won By Zikora and eating competition won by Me .. Then The devils mail bag which Miss Anambra who is a member of our class gave a guy lap dance till he fainted…lol

There was so much to eat and drink, a guy named Martins drank some mixture and danced for almost four hours. I laughed my heart out, he was carried out by his friends who put him in the pool to make him regain his senses…. In all we all had mad fun. I’ll
miss them all, I’m so glad sharing Five years of my life with these wonderful people.

VENI, VIDI, VICI meaning we came saw and conquered.





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