Shocking! See How Businessman Was Allegedly Caught on Camera Bathing With “Juju” for Ritual Purposes

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The businessman, identified as one Emton Masvuure was filmed taking a bath in his butchery.

He was filmed in Gweru district, Zimbabwe, taking the bath obviously for suspected ritual purposes.

According to Zimbabwe News Online, Emton Masvuure who runs the butchery located in the light industrial site was filmed by one Jonathan Madamombe who then sold the video to the editor of the Midlands Monitor, Tendai Manhundu–Marobana.

The pair then demanded money from Masvuure if he did not want to see the video splashed on social media and in the newspaper.

“Jonathan Madamombe sometime in April took a video of Emton Masvuure while he was taking a bath in his butchery that is located in light industrial site in Gweru. He then went and sold the video to Manhundu-Marobana and then told the complainant to give him $3 000 or else the video would be published in the Monitor newspaper,” said a source.

Mr Masvuure said he was afraid of losing business, so he was forced to pay. He said he decided to brave it last week when the duo’s demands kept increasing.

“As for Tendai (Manhundu – Marobana) I gave her about $3 350 and $2 900 to Madamombe. But they kept asking for more and I could not give them, so I reported the matter to the police,” said Mr Masvuure.

Asked to comment on why he would take a bath in his butchery in the morning, Mr Masvuure said: “It was still in the morning. Today I’m sick but I will give you the real story once I get better.”

Acting Midlands police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende, yesterday said the duo was assisting police with investigations.

“Yes, I can confirm that the Editor at Midlands Monitor and her alleged accomplice are in custody assisting police with investigations into alleged extortion of a local businessman. They are expected to appear in court soon,”said Asst Insp Mukwende.

Sources told the Chronicle that Manhundu-Marobana was arrested at her office in the Gweru Central Business District after allegedly taking $100 trap money that had been photocopied and handed to her by police details.


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