See the Terrifying Moment French Gymnast Breaks Leg While Performing Men’s Vault at Rio 2016 Olympics (Photos+Video)

A french gymnast has suffered a most horrific accident at the on-going Rio Olympics in Brazil after a performance gone wrong.

Said in excruciating pain after the accident

French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered a horrific leg break while performing in the vault at the Rio Olympics.

The 26-year-old’s left leg folded beneath him as he landed badly during the men’s qualification event. The cracking noise was so loud it could be heard over the coverage.

Following his injury, Said laid motionless and simply put a hand over his face to try and cope with the excruciating pain.

Paramedics immediately rushed to his side, tended to his leg and stretchered the Olympian away.

Upon leaving the building, Said was subject to an ovation from the crowd within the Rio Olympic Arena, and bravely raised a hand to his supporters.

Said being attended to by paramedics after the accident

Said, who won gold on the rings at the 2013 European Championships, was taken off on a stretcher and acknowledged the crowd as he departed.

French team leader Corrine Moustard-Callon said: “We don’t know what happened, except it was his tibia.”

She added: “He is in the hospital with a doctor now. We will do more exams to see if it is just the bone.

“It is very difficult for the team. He was one of the friendliest on the team which is very difficult. He came to win a medal and gave everything.”


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