I headed straight to my room with my plate of rice. I settled down to eat my food while I placed a call to Bidemi. She picked at the first beep.

Bidemi: hello Femi … happy Sunday
Me: same to you Bidemi.. what happened? I dint see any of Adeboye’s in the church today?
Bidemi: (voice sad) yes… My dad is not feeling too well. we had to rush him to the hospital and he has since been admitted in the emergency ward…
Me: (shouted) Jesus… what happened?

She narrated how her dad was complaining of running stomach when he came back yesterday. They had to rush him to the hospital when the doctor diagnosed that he was poisoned. I really felt for her when she said “I don’t want to lose my dad now”. I ended the call but not after she told me where her dad was admitted.
I rushed my food and I went to inform my parents about Bidemi’s dad. They were shocked. They hurriedly dressed up and we went to the Adeboye’s house. They were preparing to go to the hospital when we entered. MummyK explained everything all over again to my parents. They suggested that I stay over with Bidemi while they (parents) go to the hospital. In about five minutes time, I’m left with Bidemi. We kept quiet for a while before I managed to say something.

Me: I’m sorry about your dad… I’m very sure that he will be alright.
Bidemi: (tears rolling down) I pray that he would… you need to see him yesterday, he was shouting and rolling in pain.

I moved over to her and I placed my arms around her shoulder; assuring her that he will surely get better. We kept quiet for minutes until my phone rang. I adjusted myself and I brought out my phone, it’s Adedoyin. I dint pick it. She called again and I dint pick again.

Bidemi: who is Adedoyin?
Me: he’s a friend….
Bidemi: if he’s a he friend… why dint you pick his call?
Me: I don’t have anything to say to him; besides it’s my call and I can choose which call I want to pick
Bidemi: okay oooo

We were muted for a while when my phone rang again: only that this time I covered the screen of the phone from her view. I checked, it was Sarah. I can’t lie that Sarah is a “he” now.

Bidemi: why are you covering your phone? So it’s another ‘he’ that calls you again
Me: (smiling) those people calling me are nobody…. and they will continue to be nobody until Miss somebody wants them to be somebody.

I moved closer to her and I planted a kiss on her lips: telling her “you are my Miss somebody “. I told her what she wanted to hear. Words like I love you and some other sweet words. Actually, I don’t search for words when trying to make Bidemi blush, it just comes naturally. Maybe it’s because what I feel for her is real, Unlike with my other girls (mostly lies). She replied “I love you too”. We kissed like our lives depended on it. We tangled our tongues and my hands fondled her Bosom through her clothes. She loosens her top button and I continued applying pressure on it. I was about lifting up her dress when kikelomo opens the sliding door. We hurriedly readjusted ourselves and hoped that she dint see us.

Kikelomo: (angry) what’s happening here?
Me: (confused) welcome back Kikelomo…
Kikelomo: so you guys don’t even have regards for anyone again… you now do rubbish anytime that no one is around. Even with the condition that daddy is…Bidemi, you still have time to kiss and flirt with a guy. I’m disappointed in you.
Bidemi: (crying) I’m sorry… I just don’t know what came over me…
Me: it’s not really her fault. I’m….. (cuts me off)
Kikelomo: (points to the door) “I’m just leaving”

To Be Continued…


On this note, I kindly want to make some points clear and lucid to all and sundry…
1…. As unbelievable as it may sounds to some people, I’m actually a Writer (a professional Song writer, an Article writer a Story writer and a Blogger).. . I’m a singer and I do Act once in a while too, all these for the love of Art. Same time am an Engineering Student!
2…. This is my page and I reserve every right to do whatsoever I want to do with it, creating one is easy and every other person can do this so I don’t understand why someone or a group of persons should have problems with what I do here as long as its not affecting their health.. .
3…. Someone asserted that ALL the stories I post here are copyrighted, well in response to that… I have alot of writer friends and I have their certified “Permissions” to share their stories on my page, sometimes I edit stories or co-write for some as a, Ghost writer for Business (and I’m not saying any of the stories I have posted here shares or does not share that charactestic as I am not allowed to disclose such informations as long as its business, I’m just laying emphasis.. As many and many more stories would still be shared and posted here on this page, but I promise that someday I’ll actually share maybe one or more of my very own stories. My personal stories are strictly for ‪#‎sale‬ and I don’t have a problem with who buys them, I don’t solicit for buyers either, as I don’t write often and I sell off to my directors and producers when I’m done and once such deals are effected, I loose “partial” or “Total” license to resell or reuse the stories… Legally am prohibited from disclosing such articles to the public when their buyers have purchased FULL and SOLE licenses from me for such Articles …
4…. Now this is what I really don’t understand, “Why are people just so unappreciative?”… Someone had the guts to condemn me for sharing stories on my page for lessons to be learnt, after all the resources I spend in making these things available to people who wouldn’t have had it otherwise? There are a thousand and one stories and writers out there, but is it that easy to keep people entertained from a particular stream and doing that constantly? If it is that easy, why don’t ” everyone” just go and create their own pages and copy to paste their own stories too? On a more serious note, does it really seem like am ‪#‎Financially‬ benefitting by sharing these stories on my page? Or have i ever asked anyone to send me a dime? Is anyone paying me for my services? Why can’t people just be better persons and kind for once?
5…. Lastly, I’d want to implore the minds of people making such comments as “Next” and “Next pls” to quit making such comments and learn to make meaningful comments to reflect their enjoying of the stories…

Also, please should in case my job here doesn’t suit you or you feel I’m depriving you of being a poster… My dear, Facebook is free and everyone has equal opportunities here… Please and please feel free to unlike this page and create yours to start posting, enough of this hating and Antagonism… I wouldn’t take it lightly with any other person or persons who try to provoke and upset my balance, I believe I’ve made some sincere points here!

Admin ‪#‎Michael‬


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