Me: hello Ruka
Ruka: Good evening (kept quiet)
Me: evening….
Ruka: I’m sorry for not answering you when you called me today
Me: it’s nothing, I will get used to it somehow and anyhow.
Ruka: but I can now see that you are not a gentle man. You were just pretending to be when we were dating.
Me: (confused) how do you mean?
Ruka: when you called me and I dint answer you, you would have at least ran after me.
Me: (smiling) okay… I’m sorry! I never thought of it that way, besides I don’t want to be embarrassed.
Ruka: okay… just wanted to apologise for what I did… I’m sorry for not answering you
Me: I’m the one that should be apologising for making you not to answer me. I’m sorry for what happened between us.
Ruka: it’s okay now…
Me: okay….. are we still friends?
Ruka: (smiling) yes…. but just casual friends…
Me: (smiling) casual friends that can still kiss once in a while. Casual friends that one can call anytime of the day and tell them that you love them. Casual friends… (cuts me off)
Ruka: no…. I want to sleep now. Good night
Me: (voice low) good night…. sweet dreams.

She ended the call. It seems she still wants me but I don’t want her so soon back into my life, not now that Bidemi is now aware of our relationship. She would take time to study all of my moves toward her. I think the “casual friend” she requested for, is not a bad idea for the three of us. I was lost in thought when my kid sister knocked and brought my dinner for me.

Funmilayo: (smiling) good evening bros
Me: (smiling) my wife… evening… you brought me my dinner. that’s very thoughtful of you. I just ended a call with Ruka.

I explained all that happened between me and Ruka while I eats my food. She advised that I should just tolerate whatever she does/say for now. I finished the food and she says good night: after helping me with the plate. It’s now after 10pm, I’m not feeling sleepy… I dialled Sarah’s number and she didn’t picked. maybe she has slept off. I engaged my thoughts with the event of today that I don’t know when I slept off.

I woke up around 6:30am: that was when I started hearing sound of movements in the house. It’s Sunday. I kneeled down and I prayed to my God. It’s not that I don’t pray every morning but Sundays is the only day I never forget to pray. I asked God for forgiveness and also for his mercies in the new week. I know that he(God) knows that I don’t have any plans for the week except girls issues, but I still prayed for his divine mercies.
It’s now 8:30am. The Customs family now set for church. If there’s anything we do together as a family, it’s attending church service. We rarely eats dinner together. I drove my family to the church. The church programme was very interesting…. from the sermon to the testimonies. I laughed myself out. There is one particular lady that usually catches my attention when it comes to testimony times… she always have one or two things to talk about. Despite the fact that the church conduct this programme twice in a month. She will still have something to testify about. I’m not saying that our lives is not a living grace but when someone starts to give testimony about her having pile (jedi jedi) and the forthcoming event, she would say something about headache or her neighbour. You will know that something is definitely wrong with her. But on this day, it was not about Sister Testimony (which I secretly call her) but it’s about a five year girl.
She gave thanks to God for providing her single parent (mum) with all she could ever dreamt of. Almost everyone in the church shouted “olodo” when she said “I came first in my class: I couldn’t believe it”. We all applauded her as she walks down the alter. She puts smiles onto everyones face: unlike Sister testimony. We ended the service and we headed back home but not without me noticing that the Adeboye’s did not come to church.

We got home around 1:30pm. I microwaved my Sundays rice.

To Be Continued…

Hope say una dey enjoy the story..

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