She tried to convince me to come over tomorrow but I blanked out at the proposal with the excuse that my parents won’t allow me. She kept on asking me about what Adedoyin told me; I made sure that my replies were not out of context. Adedoyin would have downloaded everything to her. I don’t want her to start reminding me that she is not my mate. We chatted for awhile and she made me promised that I would call her before going to bed for the day: before I terminated the call.
I checked the other missed calls. The unknown number definitely has to be Shade: I hurriedly dialled the number and owner picks but didn’t utter a word. I kept on shouting hello …

Me: hello… hello… someone called me with this number: I will like to know who it is?
Ladies voice: Good evening Femi… hope you are doing fine?
Me: I’m okay… please who am I on to?
Ladies voice: (smiling) so you can’t even recognise my voice on the phone? It’s kind of strange you know
Me: (matching the voice) … Ooh.. Ronke… this number is different from the one you gave me…
Ronke: (smiling) this one is also my number. Since you refused to pick the one I gave you, I decided to call you with this one.. maybe you would pick.
Me: (smiling) it’s not like that… I was actually resting when you called and I would have picked it but I always put my phone on silent whenever I’m resting.
Ronke: it’s okay… (cuts her off)
Me: but I dint remember giving you my number?
Ronke: (smiling) since you refused to call, I shrewdly picked out your number from Tunde’s phone.
Me: Hmnnnnn… okay! no worries then. So you were discussing something about Tunde the other time.
Ronke: (hissed) why don’t you let us forget about that bast*rd for now and we should just discuss about us.
Me: Tunde is your friend… it’s not nice for you to be calling him names. so what should we talk about?
Ronke: I’m sorry.. it’s just that his behaviour has really gotten real hard at me.

We chatted for like 14minutes and she said so many things about herself and Tunde. If everything she said about Tunde were actually true, I think Tunde is actually a bast*rd as she had rightly said. She said when Tunde lost his parents in a ghastly motor accident, he was stuck with her wicked aunt; which she (Ronke) was her neighbour. Her aunt never bothered about his well being. Never got him good clothings nor sent him to school. She said, it was their closeness that made Tunde what he’s today. She basically saw Tunde through school (I never knew Tunde was a graduate)
I really felt for her when she told me that Tunde now flaunts his ash*wos at her, and if she dares challenges him. He would call her an ingrate: that everything that she did for him; he had already repaid it in kind. I sensed that she was trying to hold back her tears through her voice, that’s was when I told her we will talk over it when we see next week. She insisted that I tell her something sweet… I managed to tell her that she was very beautiful; she giggles and said goodnight as she ended the call.
I am now alone, thinking about Ronke’s conversation with me. I think she needs someone to talk to. She is heartbroken, but why would she choose me? I think she wants to use me spite Tunde, but I don’t want to be involved in any of her revenge plot. I just have to be very careful. In as much as I would love to have Ronke, my friendship with Tunde is at stake. I was lost in thought when my phone rang. It was Ruka. I picked.

To Be Continued…


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