We got outside the hotel building then I remembered that I have to get in touch with Shade. We were already approaching her car when I broke the silence

Me: (forcing a smile) we will not be coming here for a very long time now.
Adedoyin: (smiling) I will be back before you start missing me
Me: I hope so…. but come to think of it, we ought to give the receptionist something… she is the one that attends to us most times we come here…
Adedoyin: yes… that’s very thoughtful of you… but I don’t have cash with me now.
Me: (smiling) hanhan… how much do you intend giving her that I can’t spare from the one you gave me? It’s almost 5pm… let me rush to the reception.

I ran off before she could say anything. I counted out N5000 before I approached the reception.

Me: (smiling) good evening
Receptionist: (smiling) good evening sir… what can we do you?
Me: actually… I want you to help me to give my number to Shade.. she’s in the kitchen department.
Receptionist: what makes you think that I would do such a thing?
Me: (smiling) I’m not asking for Shade’s number, I just want you to give her my mobile number. She can then choose to call or not
Receptionist: (smiling) I will give it to her.. I hope you put down your name along with your number (passes me a paper and a pen)
Me: (writing) thank you very much… the lady I went out with just now, said I should give you N5000 for your hospitality.

She accepted the money along with the paper that I wrote my phone number on. She insisted on thanking Adedoyin herself. We both walked back to Adedoyin and she thanked her for the good gesture.
Adedoyin and I entered the car and she drops me at the junction of our street. I walked home with many thought going through my head. I’m now free at last. At least, I will have enough time for Motunrayo and other girls within my age bracket. I was about to enter my house when I saw Ruka, I called out her name but she ignored me as she walks on. A part of me felt very happy because I don’t have the strength to talk with her for long (exhausted). I entered the house and I went straight to my room.
I continued thinking of how I’m going to get laid with someone except my second mummies. I connected a call to Motunrayo and she picked.

Motunrayo: runaway boyfriend… how are you doing?
Me: (smiling) I’m fine… and you?
Motunrayo: I’m okay… this one that you called, hope all is well?
Me: all is well…. can’t I call my sweet heart again? And what is it by “runaway boyfriend”? I’m still here with you and you still remain very dear to my heart
Motunrayo: you always come into my life and stroll away anytime… I dint know that I’m still your sweet heart…
Me: why would you say a thing like that? I have been busy and you that
Motunrayo: okay ooo… you were very busy to pick my calls and also busy to call back.

I managed to lie myself out from her nagging and I promised her that I will surely look for a way to see her during the week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. She ended the call with both of us really looking up to the day. I was busy thinking and planning how to go about my outing with motunrayo when my rang. It was Ronke. How on earth did she gets my number? She definitely got it off Tunde’s phone without him knowing. I wanted to pick but my mind was not really down with her proposal. I allowed it to ring all through and I put the phone on silent. I slept off.
I woke up 8:20pm. I rushed for my phone and I was not disappointed when I saw 11 missed calls on it. 3 from Ronke, 3 from Bidemi, 2 from an unknown number, 2 from Sarah and 1 from Ruka. I put down the phone on the bed and I went to the toilet to ease myself, only to come back and meet my phone blinking. It’s Sarah. I picked.

Me: hello dear
Sarah: Good evening Femi… Adedoyin just left my place now.. she told me how you pleaded on my behalf for my proposal. Thank you Femi … Thank you..
Me: it’s nothing my dear… it’s just a pity that we won’t be able to see before you go
Sarah: I will only be chanced tomorrow but I don’t know about you
Me: tomorrow is Sunday…. my parents will be around tomorrow, besides they allowed me to go out today ; definitely not tomorrow again.

To Be Continued…



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