continued suck*ing on her right Tips as if I intended quenching my thirst. I fondled her left bre*st while my OGA poked at her thighs (which is still as hard as ever). She let out a moan,
I repositioned myself with my face now facing her “V”. I licked around it and she jumps off… I teased her and I gradually ease my tongue to her paradise. She screamed as it located her cli**t. She pushed my head deeper as I continued pushing down my tongue down there and she started wringing her waist that it continues brushing my mouth to and fro. She buck(s) with excitement as she had her second orga*sm of the day.
My ‘OGA’ is still as hard as it could get. I laid on my back and I tried to pull her over me. She got up but instead wrapped her mouth over my OGA. She seems very happy as her face betrayed her as she uses her tongue to flip the tip of the head of my OGA. She tried to swallow the whole length of it but only got herself chook(ed) up because of its size and girth. She applied a lot of pressure on it, that it stimulated real pleasure. I was about downloading my se*men into her mouth but I hurriedly removed it and inserted it into her “V”. I pounded for like 4mins and we both came at the same time.
I am now very tired and hungry. It seems as if she read my mind. She picked up the intercom and connected a call to the kitchen hotel. She ordered for two plates of amala with egusi soup. She ordered for a bootle of red wine and two full chickens. I wouldn’t have ordered it bettered. We both puts on our clothes. while we awaited our meal, we chats.

Me: (smiling) you almost killed me today.
Adedoyin: (giggles) hmnnnnn… I know that it’s supposed to be an irony. Today is the best s*x I have ever had with anybody…
Me: (smiling) me too… I have never been this exhausted after having s*x and above all, I’m really satisfied. I love you Adedoyin..
Adedoyin: (giggles) I love you too. I really wish you could come along with us. I bet that today is the last day that we would see before we return to Abuja.
Me: I’m missing you already…

We chatted about how we were going to miss each other. A part of me was really happy about both of them traveling and another part really knows that I’m going to miss my (second) mummies. The waitress brought in the food and Adedoyin tipped her with N2000. I am always fond of looking away whenever the room attendants enters the room, but on this day… I was forced to look at her face when her “thank you” was becoming too much. Our eyes locked (both shocked). She’s one of the big girls in my secondary school then.
We both pretended that we dint know each other and she left. Her name was Shade. I’m very sure that she would not have envisage that I will be with someone much older than me in an hotel because my timidity was off the roof then. I smiled at her as she walks out of the room.
We devoured our food without talking to each other. The thought about Shade flooded my mind as I swallowed my Amala. She has not changed one bit. She still curvy with dimples on her cheek. She dated hot guys in school while I remain a school geek but all thanks to Adedoyin the tides has changed. I was eating the chicken when Adedoyin asked me what I was excited about. I managed to lie myself out, not giving her a single clue about my thoughts. We finished eating and she snuggled her under my arms while we both laid on the bed.
We both took a nap and woke up around 4:30pm. I urged her to take her bath, so that we could leave. We got dressed up. She gave me an envelope; which she said contained N100k and she promised to send some money into my account next week. I kissed and thanked her as we headed out of the room. We kept quiet as we strolled out of the hotel room.

To Be Continued…

Chai… See money oooo😂😂😂


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