The CBN Is Selling The Dollar At N197 For Pilgrims But We Won’t Take It

In these harsh economic times, the Nigerian government have done what they’re good at once again. The Central Bank of Nigeria on August 4, directed all banks and licensed Forex traders to sell the Pilgrims Travelling Allowance at an exchange rate of N197 to the dollar.

We’re not lying, seriously, just look at the circular that was passed by the CBN.

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Can you imagine that?


At a time where many people in the North-East are suffering from starvation and lack of medical support, this gist cannot be any more shocking and mind boggling.


Perhaps they think those of us that have been buying the dollar at almost N400 have two heads sha.

two heads

Abi do they think we’re children of Satan that don’t deserve good things?

children of lucifer satan nollywood

When you realise the government is wasting money on pilgrimage while most of its citizens can’t afford the current exchange rate.

scott are you insane shock

Nigerian government and all the leaders, abeg:


We will not take this o! The Nigerian government should fix this economy instead of doing ojoro up and down.

orubebe we will not take it

The CBN Is Selling The Dollar At N197 For Pilgrims But We Won’t Take It on Zikoko!.


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