I met Adedoyin on the bed Unclad. Her face suggested that she just applied a little makeup on her face. She looks more beautiful.

Me: (smiling) sexyy as ever but more beautiful. Good afternoon dear!
Adedoyin: (giggles) good afternoon love… thanks for the compliment. you are not looking bad yourself.
Me: thanks dear… I’m…I’m…..
Adedoyin: (confused) what is it? You know that you can confide in me.
Me: (smiling) I know… but I just got here. We still have lots of hours to ourselves. don’t let me bored you with my childish thought.

I stood up and went to lock the door from behind. I went over to the sound system… then played Shina Peters song. I heard her playing the song the other day she dropped me off at home. She immediately stood up and started dancing. She sure knows how to dance. The way she she swings her body, only made me to remember Kikelomo the other day. I’m not a bad dancer but the way Adedoyin is rolling her waist makes me want to get down immediately. I took off my clothes and I held her waist; preventing it from falling off.
We both danced and she rubbed her butt against my groins. I’m now very stiff down there. I inserted my index finger into her “V”. She gave a moan. I pushed her on the bed and I inserted my OGA inside her. I pumped and she held onto me very tight, making me think that she wanted to squeeze the life out of me. I dint have much space to really thrust. She continued holding me tight and started calling my name in different languages “femmiiii …femmmyy”.I wriggled my way from her grip. I raised her right leg on my shoulder and I pumped for 2 minutes and I put it back….. raised the left leg on my shoulder and I pumped for another 2 minutes before I now puts both legs on my shoulder. I pumped with my OGA reaching its limit inside of her. I held her on both knees… folded it and I pushed inside of her with one long stroke. she whimped and as I continued to pound her. Her breathing increased… I increased the pace to short and fast strokes as she reached her first organs*m of the night. I pumped for few more minutes then I retrieved my OGA from her “V”.
She was exhausted and my OGA is still pointing upward; ready for another challenges. I turned my face over and I planted a kiss on her lips. She smiled.

Adedoyin: I hope you can now tell me what was bothering you?
Me: (smiling) it’s nothing really… I’m just imagining how I’m going to miss you when you leave.
Adedoyin: (giggles) me too…. I hope Sarah has informed you that we are going together.
Me: yes she did…. it seems you are the only real friend that she has… she only talks about you and only you. I hope I’m not saying too much ooo.
Adedoyin: (smiling) I like her too…. she’s more than a friend to me and I’m really ready to assist her.
Me: she made mentioned of it… that you promised to help her on your trip. Sarah has not been herself since you told her about helping her. She only discuss you and nothing else. I’m very glad that you are ready to help her.
Adedoyin: (smiling) she’s like a sister to me… I will definitely help her.
Me: okay dear… I want you to do me a big favour and I will be very happy if you could do it for me.
Adedoyin: (anxious) okay … what is it?
Me: okay…… Sarah did not tell me to talk to you on her behalf… but I will be very glad if you could see that her proposal is approved. I fear that she might not be herself if she lost out on the project.
Adedoyin: I thought so myself…. it’s good to know that you are very observant of your friends. I’m very happy. Now that you’ved mentioned it…. I will try to double my efforts to make sure we achieve our aim.
Me: (smiling) thank you very much… you are such a darling.
Adedoyin: I’m the one that suppose to say thank you… you made me see more about Sarah. She is like a sister to me.

We talked about Sarah and her work proposal. She has already promised to help her. I moved over to her and I placed my mouth on of her nipp*es. She moaned.

To Be Continued…

Femi don dey find work for people with his …… oooo😀😀😀


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