Toke Makinwa Supports Pastor Adeboye’s – “A Man Without Income Is Not Entitled To Have Erection”


Toke Makinwa has buttressed pastor Adeboye’s point that ladies should not marry men with no jobs or source of income..

Pastor Enoch Adeboye has been trending since he dished out the marriage advice warning men not to marry women who can not cook or pray for a hour. He also advised women not to marry men without jobs.

You agree with her?

See what she Posted below:-




Toke Makinwa Supports Pastor Adeboye’s – “A Man Without Income Is Not Entitled To Have Erection” on Naijaloaded |/a>.


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1 Response

  1. Chipo says:

    Shey this geh no get sense ni, who u epp?!? … How well has her approach worked for her. She only directly answers the quotes that she can in her view, win both ways.. Very dodgy… Some of theses OAPs have no real sense of identity, they just talk and focus on staying relevant. Granted it’s her view, but she can offer better advice to young ladies out there who look for advice from the strangest of sources. Some men struggle till they meet the right woman . Not having a income is just her political talk…next thing she will change it to enuff income.. Then more than the woman’s income. Ladies should not listen to her… If u make money the basis for choosing a guy it will be ur reason for leaving. No condition in life is permanent. A guy with money can easily become broke and a guy with nothing can become rich…life is a gamble… U can’t expect to just walk into good life u didn’t work for. No man (with sense) will marry a woman who is a bystander. Ladies, If u follow toke way come wait till vision materialize.. nothing for u…. She is talking about not cooking every day… Read what she is talking about…maybe she doesn’t Pray…so no direct answer.. Na quote.. Young people pls chose ur sources of wisdom wisely.

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