Emore siblings celebrate creativity with I AM

By Japhet Alakam

While many young Nigerians in the Diaspora find it difficult to come home, two young Nigerians are set to storm the country, not just for the coming sake but to showcase their talents. The duo, Oghenemeyoma and Oritsegbemi Emore who are coming, courtesy of their art-loving parents will be here for their first joint exhibition tagged I AM.

One of the images to be displayed
One of the images to be displayed

The two-week exhibition which is scheduled to open at Nike Gallery, Lagos on August 13 will feature 30 works by Oghenemeyoma who has been churning out diverse paintings and drawings to her credit and Oritsegbemi, the brother who has been capturing engaging scenes and landscapes culminating into what will be their first joint outing in Nigeria, after arriving from the United Kingdom, where they just finished their studies.

The exhibition promises to be a good outing for viewers and art collectors as it would showcase relatively new works by Oghenemeyoma, 19, a graduate of the University of Worcester, UK, who would be showcasing her collection of paintings, mainly executed through what she called acrylic on Ankara, and her brother, Oritsegbemi, 21, a photo artist, who would spice up the show with some his photo images.

According to curatorial information, the exhibitors are young, but, their works  reflect deep social themes like love, beauty, nature, environment, health, religion and other philosophical themes. Stylistically, the works vary, from abstract to naturalism, while there are also surreal pictures. Beyond the conventional acrylic on ankara, there are mixed media pieces.

Oghenemeyoma gives an insight into what inspired her. “Our tradition of painting dates back to our father and family. Our father was the first person that taught us how to draw on canvas.

“I have also followed the trends of modern art with several world class artists. Indeed, contemporary art in Nigeria is doing well and that explains why we are in Nigeria for this exhibition, which is, especially, noteworthy because it will present our works (painting form) for the first time in Nigeria.

“This exhibition, which is curated by the Nike Gallery, also sets a high standard because of its innovative use of excellent works on canvas, each of which has been approved by the Gallery, thus qualifying us for the show,” she stated. Oritsegbemi added that “I am extremely happy to be given the opportunity to show my photo works in Nigeria.”

I AM is aimed at promoting the young artists to the Nigerian art scene. It is an exhibition the family plans to celebrate the creative side of their children.


Emore siblings celebrate creativity with I AM on Vanguard News.


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