Check Out Some Nigerian Celebrities And Their Multi-million Naira Jewelries

It’s no doubt that the Star Boy and former EME soldier has come a long way to solidify his stance in the Nigerian music scene with his international music presence also getting the required attention it needs sure comes with lots of goodies apart from the fame which includes money and luxuries. And wizkid has shown he is a heavy spender on luxurious items such as cars and jewelries as seen on him and on social media when he flaunts them.
His collection includes:

11 gold and diamond Rolex watches valued at 60 million naira

3cuban chain valued at 12million naira

9 chains valued at 35million naira which includes a starboy, cartoon, versace and angels Jesus pieces

1 diamond ring valued at 2million naira

A pair of black diamond earnings valued at 2million naira

Having cemented his stay in the Nigerian music within just 4 years is probably the heaviest slender on this list. Davido shows off his effluence at the slightest chance he gets.

He has over 13 Rolex watches valued at 120 million naira

4 customized OBO chain valued at 40 million naira

5 customized HKN neckpieces valued at over 100million naira

6 Versace necklace valued at 15 million naira

4 cuban links gold with diamond encrusted chains valued at 25 million naira

others in his possession includes herringbone chains earings etc valued at 40 million naira

versace chains, hublot watches, diamond earings valued at 10 million naira



Though the Chocolate City Rapper lives a Quiet live and hardly flaunts his luxurious acquisitions we were still able to digg deep and get quite a few of his luxurious items and jewelries.

2 Cuban link chain 7million Naira

A customized Super Cool Cat Logo valued at 11million naira

4 Rolex watches valued at 15 million naira

3 Jesus piece necklace valued at 3 million naira

4 rolex watches not included in the pictures below valued at 15 million naira

others includes rings, gold jeans, versace chains e.t.c valued at 5 million naira

Ruby diamond encrusted necklace valued at 3million naira


Olamide a.k.a Baddo is one silent heavy spender on luxurious items as seen below

2 YBNL chains valued at 20 million naira

A customized gold and diamond encrusted shoe valued at 1million naira

Golden microphone valued at 1 million naira

Two game pads valued at 2 million naira


Its no doubt that since when phyno released man of the year he has definitely connected with wealth and acquired some luxurious items as see below

1 ruby diamond ring 1 million naira

1 customized phyno connect chain valued at 11 million naira

1 gold and diamond cuban chain 3 million naira

1 ruby chain valued at 2million naira


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