After Failed Relationships & Marriage… Actress Steph-Nora Okere Says She’s Surrendered To Jesus


Nollywood actress Steph Nora Okere had an interesting interview with City People, where she talked about her failed marriage. One of the popular men she dated was bad boy Jim Iyke, but their love could not stand the test of time just like her other relationships.

She later got married to another man in the movie industry, Lanre Falana, but the marriage failed and she then the actress has been calm, trying to sort out her life. Below are the excerpts:

Where have you been all this while?
I’ve been everywhere, at home, in church, at work, on the streets in fact, I’ve been around. I only reduced the number of films I feature in and concentrated more on soap operas.

What are you doing presently?
Right now, I’m shooting a new series, Broken Heart in Ibadan that is coming out soon. It is my latest work. I only left the set to come down here to receive my Award from City People because I value this Award so much.

What award did you win?
Special Recognition Award for my contribution to the Nigerian Entertainment industry, especially Nollywood.

How long have you been acting?
All my life. I started when I was in primary school although, I learnt acting from my mother’s womb (laughter) Yes, I’ll say I started from my mother’s womb because everybody came out in the 9th month but I came out on the 12th month. I started walking at the age of 6 months. So, I’ll say I started acting a long time ago.

You’re being seen as a tough lady?
Wow! I’m not tough, I’m just firm, there’s a difference between the two but some people will say you are tough if they cannot get you to compromise with them. If you really don’t understand where you are coming from, they will say you are tough. So, I am not tough but just being firm and being myself. I am firm in some areas as a lady.

You are ever looking young and beautiful, what is the secret of your beauty?
Yes, I am young, I take a lot of water  and I detox my body and spirit  of any negative thinking. I don’t let a negative thing stay in my mind. If anything comes on me, I let it go and I wash it off immediately. I don’t let anything disturb me in order to stay healthy, strong and may be young.

Is Steph now married?
No! I am very single.

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